View or delete search history

If you're trying to find a particular video you looked for, search history may help. Your YouTube search history lets you see what you previously searched for on YouTube.

See the steps below for instructions on how to clear previous searches. Any searches made when you're signed in on your device may also appear in your YouTube search history when you're signed in to the same account on your computer.

Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear search history to clear previous YouTube searches on your device from showing in the Search box. Touch Pause search history to pause app search history on your device.

Sign out to clear previous YouTube searches on your device from showing in the Search box. If you're already signed out, you can clear your search history with the following steps:

  1. Open the Guide Guide.
  2. Touch the Gear gear icon to enter Settings.
  3. Under Privacy, choose Clear search history.
Mobile site

When signed in, access your search history by touching Guide > History > Search History.

  • Remove a search by touching the menu icon next to the search and then selecting Remove from Search History.

Access your search history by clicking History in the Guide and selecting the Search history tab.

  • Remove a search: Click the menu icon to the right of the search query and choose Remove from Search History.
  • Click Clear all search history to delete your entire search history.
  • Click Pause search history to pause your search history. While your search history is paused, search queries you enter will not show up in your search history.
TV, game console, or media streaming box
Select the Search icon and then click Clear search history.