Delete uploaded videos using XML

The YouTube XML format is being replaced by DDEX (music only) and CSV templates (all industries). YouTube strongly discourages any new implementations of the YouTube XML format. This page should be used solely as reference material for existing implementations. Visit Using the YouTube DDEX feed for more information about the new format.
The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content Manager to manage their copyrighted content.

You can use the <video> tag's delete action to remove a video from YouTube's website (if the video is publicly visible) and also to remove the video from the My Videos page in your YouTube account. In addition, by deleting a video, you will also delete all of that video's statistics, such as the number of times the video had been viewed, as well as user comments associated with the video.

The sample feed below demonstrates how to delete a video. The sample uses the <video> tag's id attribute to identify the video to be deleted and sets the tag's action attribute value to delete.

   xmlns="" channel="TestChannel">
  <video action="delete" id="VIDEO_ID_1_"/>

Please note the following other aspects of this feature:

  • Deleting a video does not have any impact on the reference file associated with that video. If you also want to remove the reference matching the video from YouTube's Content ID system, you also need to delete the reference file.

  • Once you have deleted a video, you will be able to successfully upload the same video to the same YouTube account. For this reason, this feature can be very useful while you are testing your feed uploading systems as you can use the same video(s) during your testing process and automatically delete the videos between tests.

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