Create a highlight

When you create a live stream, highlights can help you share a shorter, edited version of the live stream while you’re streaming.

Add a stream marker to easily make a highlight

To make creating highlights easier, you can insert stream markers  when something interesting happens while you’re live streaming. Then when you’re making a highlight in YouTube Editor, you’ll see stream markers on the timeline.

How to create a highlight

You can create a highlight while you’re streaming or edit it after you’re done streaming. If you’re streaming by yourself (like many gamers), you’ll probably insert a stream marker for reference and create a highlight after your stream ends. If you’re part of a team, you can easily create a highlight as you’re streaming.

  1. Open YouTube Studio.
  2. From the upper right, click Create and then Go live.
  3. Click Stream or Manage and start a stream.
  4. When something interesting happens, add a stream marker, tap Insert stream marker  from the top right.
  5. From the top, click Create highlight .
  6. Trim the video: Select what you want to highlight. You can drag the handlebars on the timeline or edit the timestamps.
  7. Mute or unmute: Tap Mute .
  8. Enter a title, set the video’s privacy, and add a description.
  9. Click Create. Your video will automatically be published.

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