Your channel and Google+

Over the past year, we’ve been encouraging people on YouTube to connect your YouTube channel with a Google+ profile or page to access new features. Most active YouTube channels are already connected to Google+.

What happens when I connect my channel to Google+?

  • Your YouTube channel will share its name and channel icon with the Google+ profile or page. Any name and photo changes will apply to both the Google+ profile or page and the YouTube channel.
  • The "About" tab of your YouTube channel will include a link to the connected profile or page.
  • Your channel URL (i.e. will not change.

Do I need to change my channel name?

As always, you're in control of how you're seen publicly. You can keep your current YouTube username, choose your full name, or even choose a new name for your channel. If you want to keep using a different name on YouTube than on other Google services, you can still do that with the Google+ identity system.

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What are the benefits of connecting my channel?

We've released several new features that integrate YouTube and Google functionality, and are continuing to build more. In order to take advantage of these new features, your channel needs to update to our Google-wide identity system, which works both on YouTube and also across the rest of Google. This identity system is powered by Google+.

Some examples of these new features
  • Better names. You can use your full name, or you can use a brand or business name. Google+ supports longer names, including spaces. Pages have no name restrictions. Get the name you always wanted!
  • New tools for creators. These include Top Fans and comment moderation tools.
  • Better private sharing. Google has great sharing technology that gives you fine-grained control over who can see your content. You can easily share private videos with specific people and groups.
  • Advanced channel management with Google+ pages: When a channel is connected to a Google+ page, multiple people can manage the channel without sharing password information. You can also manage multiple channels from a single Google Account.
  • Hangouts On Air. With Hangouts On Air, you can run a live broadcast to the world, and then share the recording on your channel.
  • Post in the new comments system. YouTube's updated comments system takes advantage of Google technology.

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