YouTube Nonprofit partner features

As a YouTube nonprofit partner, you have access to a variety of channel features to help customize your channel and support your brand. These features are available to all YouTube creators, however nonprofit partners have access to the additional features highlighted below.

Donation module

Enable the donation module to solicit donations from your viewers right on YouTube.

Call-to-Action overlays

Place Call-to-Action overlays on your videos to let viewers click to visit your website, donate, or learn more about your organization.

Live streaming

The YouTube Live feature allows you to stream live content from your nonprofit channel. You can enable YouTube Live from your Account Features page. Once your channel is enabled for live streaming, you’ll see a "Live Events" option in your Video Manager.

Visit the YouTube Live guide and the YouTube Live Forum to learn more and troubleshoot technical issues.

YouTube Campaigns

Use Campaigns to help achieve goals like increasing views or subscribers. All videos in a campaign will feature a special interactive annotation informing and encouraging your viewers to help contribute to your goals. Your channel will also display and track campaign progress.