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Strike basics for content managers

If you’re a partner with multiple channels, violations of YouTube’s policies by channels you manage will result in “partner strikes.” Accumulating ten or more partner strikes will lead to the loss of features and other penalties for you and your managed channels.

Partner strikes and their associated penalties are applied in addition to YouTube’s channel strike policies.

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How partner strikes work

You will receive a partner strike for every copyright strike issued to one of your managed channels. Partner strikes are considered “pending” for the first 30 days. This provides an opportunity to resolve the underlying copyright strike, if appropriate, which will resolve its associated partner strike. If you’re unable to resolve the partner strike within 30 days, it will become an “active” partner strike. If you accumulate more than ten active partner strikes, penalties will apply. After 90 days, the partner strike will expire and be removed from your total.

Partner strikes represent copyright strikes received by your managed channels. You can not resolve a partner strike by removing the channel with the underlying copyright strike, and you will not receive partner strikes for adding a managed channel that has existing copyright strikes.

Multi-channel networks (MCNs) also need to monitor suspensions for affiliated channels. If 1000 or more affiliate channels are suspended in any 90-day period, the MCN loses the ability to roll-up or add new channels.

Partner strike penalties

Incurring partner strikes beyond the limits outlined below will result in penalties in addition to the existing channel strike policies. These penalties will remain in effect until your partner strikes fall below the given threshold.

To maintain full access to your YouTube features, remain below ten active partner strikes.

10 partner strikes
If you accumulate 10 active partner strikes, you won’t be allowed to add new channels or move channels between your content owners. You’ll still be able to remove channels; however, as noted above, removing a channel will not resolve any partner strikes related to that channel’s copyright strikes.
15 partner strikes
If you accumulate 15 active partner strikes, the channels you manage will lose access to many YouTube promotional features, including the ability to create new custom thumbnails, modify channel art, add new annotations, ‘like’ videos, and use tools like InVideo Programming. Existing thumbnails, annotations, and other promotional features already in place will continue to exist.
20 partner strikes
If you accumulate 20 active partner strikes, channels you manage won’t be able to upload new videos or create livestreams. YouTube may also terminate your partnership.

Avoiding penalties

To avoid accumulating partner strikes, we suggest you:

  • Use care when selecting new channels to manage. Avoid adding channels that might pose a risk to your strike total.
  • Educate the channels you manage about copyright, YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and ensure they act in accordance with YouTube’s policies.
  • Ensure you maintain proper internal controls as you increase the number of channels you manage.

You can always view your partner strikes within your YouTube account. If you believe any of the associated copyright strikes are invalid, you may wish to learn more about filing counter notifications or requesting claim retractions.

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