Copyright issues with live streams and Hangouts On Air

All live broadcasts are scanned for matches to third-party content, including copyrighted content in the form of another live broadcast, like a sporting event. When third-party content is identified, a placeholder image may replace your live broadcast until our system no longer detects third-party content. Sometimes, we may terminate your live broadcast. Live streams and Hangouts On Air can also be terminated if they get a copyright strike or a Community Guidelines strike.

Before your live broadcast is terminated or replaced with a still image, you'll be warned to stop broadcasting the third-party content that our system has identified. If you comply with this warning and address the outstanding issues, your broadcast will be allowed to continue. If the third-party content remains in your broadcast, your live stream will be temporarily interrupted or terminated. Also, you may lose access to live streaming and Hangouts On Air.

If your live stream or Hangout on Air stops, the quickest way to confirm whether you've received either type of strike is to check your Account Status and Features.

Restoring live streaming access

If you lose access to live streaming, you'll be able to see the cause of the restriction in your account's channel settings. Your access to this feature can be restored if you resolve the issues contributing to your restriction. Learn more about resolving restrictions on live streaming.

How to live stream third-party content when you've licensed the rights

Your live broadcast can be interrupted even if you have licensed the third-party content in question, or even if you restricted your broadcast to a territory in which you own all the necessary rights.

If a rights holder has previously claimed the content in your video through Content ID, you may ask them to whitelist your channel to facilitate future live broadcasts.

Content ID claims on archived live broadcasts

Content ID claims are only made after you complete your live broadcast, if you decide to archive the video. Learn more about Content ID claims.

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