Enrol in the YouTube for Nonprofits Programme

As part of Google for Nonprofits, organisations are eligible for the YouTube for Nonprofits Programme. See below for how to get started.

What you'll need:

A Google for Nonprofits account

Organisations in countries where Google for Nonprofits is available must be enrolled in Google for Nonprofits to qualify for the YouTube for Nonprofits Programme. See the countries where YouTube is available. If you don't have a Google for Nonprofits account yet, sign up for one before proceeding.

A YouTube channel ID for your organisation 

You'll need a YouTube channel to receive the non-profit features. 

When you're ready to proceed, follow these steps to sign up for the YouTube for Nonprofits Programme.

1. Sign in to your Google for Nonprofits account.

Make sure that you sign in using your Google for Nonprofits administrator account. This is the account that you used when you applied for Google for Nonprofits. 

2. Click the 'Sign up now' button.

3. Click the 'Enrol' button beneath the YouTube for Nonprofits product on the 'Enrolments' page in your account.

4. Create a YouTube channel, if you haven't already.

5. Return to the Google for Nonprofits 'Enrolments' page, enter your organisation's YouTube Channel ID in the form field and complete the application.

6. Click 'Enrol'.

Thank you for applying! Our team will review your account and be in touch with next steps via email within 1–3 days.

After we've confirmed your enrolment, you can start uploading content and using the benefits available to non-profits and channel features for YouTube creators.

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