Update multiple claims at once

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

You can perform certain operations for multiple claims at once using the Action button on the Claims page.

To update multiple claims at the same time:

  1. From the Claims page, select the claims to update.

    Click the check box next to the names of the claimed videos. You can use filters or search to refine the list of videos.

  2. Click the Actions drop-down button and select the operation you want to apply to the selected claims.

    The operations that you can perform are:


    Release claims Releases the selected claims
    Claim type Specifies whether you claim the audio content, video content, or both
    Embedding Specifies whether the claimed videos can be embedded at other sites
    Syndication Specifies whether the claimed videos are viewable on all platforms or only on monetizable platforms
    Usage policy Identifies the policy applied to the video


  3. Select the setting for the selected action.

    When you choose an action, a new dialog box appears with a drop-down list of the available settings for that action. Choose the setting you want to apply to the selected claims.

  4. To perform an additional action on the same set of claims, click the +Add button and select the new action.

    The +Add option is not available when you choose the action Release claims.
  5. Click Apply actions to submit the updates.

You can review the status of the bulk actions you’ve initiated by clicking the Bulk update status link under Claims in the left navigation menu.

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