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Our Classic live streaming tools are going away soon. Try the new Live Control Room, which combines our classic desktop streaming tools with new and improved features. Learn how to stream using an encoder with Live Control Room.


In the Live Control Room, there are two ways to begin your stream.  The options below become available when the Event is in Preview mode.

Option 1: Start immediately by unchecking the 'Sync to preview' player box. This option removes the preview player from the Manage tab.

Option 2: Start Streaming with the 'Sync to preview' player box checked. From the Manage tab, start the Preview Player then click Start Streaming. You can also Insert ads and Slates.

When the Preview Player is in DVR mode, the live indicator on the player bar will be gray. If the stream is started in this state, it won't start at the live point. There's also a possibility the viewer can see a portion of your Preview content.

For more info on creating and starting a stream click this link.


Mobile site

The Live Control Room tab is not currently available on mobile or tablet.
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