The Insights page shows you more about your fans and lets you reach out and connect with them. Once you create a circle with the fans you want to reach, you’ll see more about who they are and their activity on YouTube.

Note: This page only appears if your channel is connected to Google+ and has a large enough number of subscribers.

Create a top fans circle

The first time you view this page, you'll see a button to create a circle of your top fans. We carefully suggest a set of top fans based on their public engagement with your channel, as well as their own influence on YouTube. You are free to edit these suggestions before creating the circle, and you can always add/remove people later.

Note: Circles can only include people who have a public YouTube channel linked with Google+.

Learn about and interact with your fans

Latest Activity

Recent Activity. This section updates each time you load the page, and shows your fans' latest interactions with your channel. Only public actions are shown, such as commenting, subscribing, and making playlists with your videos. You can scroll down to view the 200 latest items.

Read and reply to your fans' comments, welcome new subscribers, and check out the playlists they create with your videos.

Also interested in

Also Interested In. Ever wonder what else your fans are watching on YouTube? This section updates daily with the channels your fans are subscribed to, and the videos they are interacting with. See what's popular among your fans (based on their public activity).


Demographics. This section includes basic demographic information about your fans, to give you a sense of who they are and where they’re from. You might notice that the statistics are not very precise (e.g. percentages might not add up to 100%). That's not an accident—it's designed to protect your fans' privacy.

Profile photos

Profile Photos. See a selection of the fans in your circle. Hover over them to learn a bit more, or click through to see their channels. Click View all to see all the people in your circle.

Post a message

Post a message just to your fans. This is a great way to start a conversation, share an unlisted video link or exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, or invite your fans to an event. The post will be shared just to them on Google+. Your fans may be notified via email or other means, depending on the Google+ settings.

Upload private video

Upload a private video for your fans. Your video will only be visible to this circle of fans. You can get some early feedback, or reward them for being great fans. This option will take you to the Upload page with the right sharing options set, so you can just upload your video as usual.

Circle selector

Get insights for other circles. The Insights page can also load other Google+ circles you have created. Click the circle selector at the top of the page to switch between them.

Update the Circle

After creating a circle, you can add new fans that you interact with on YouTube (as long as they’ve linked their account with Google+). It’s a great way to keep track of good commenters or possible collaborators. If you find someone you would like to add into your Top Fans circle, you can go to their Google+ page and click Add to Circles:

  • Visit their channel and click the About tab. Look for a G+ link, and click it to visit them on Google+.
  • Place your cursor over their name to see information about their channel. Look for a “G+” icon, and click the icon to visit them on Google+.

Follow similar steps if you’d like to remove a user from a circle. Once you add or remove them, it will automatically update the Insights page for that circle.


The Google+ engagement features (posts, hangouts, sharing, and so on) work best if your fans are following you on Google+. We're reaching out to encourage them to follow you, and we hope you do the same. We will be adding features over the coming months to make it easier for you to build your audience on Google+.

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