The Fans page shows a list of some of your most engaged and most influential fans, based on their public interaction with your YouTube channel. By default, the list is sorted by a combination of subscriber count and engagement level, but you can also sort by either factor on its own.

Note: This page only appears if your channel has at least 1000 subscribers.

Fans page

Fan Information

For each person on the list, you can see how many subscribers they have, how engaged they are with your channel, an example comment they’ve left on one of your videos, and how long they’ve been a subscriber. Engagement is based on that person’s public interactions with your channel, such as commenting, liking, subscribing, etc.

For Google+ users

If your channel is connected to Google+, you can add fans to circles, or share a post. These options will be unavailable for fans that haven’t yet connected their accounts to Google+. See the Insights page for more ways to engage with your top fans.

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