Enabling paid subscriptions

Before you can make your channel paid, you need to enable paid subscriptions for your YouTube account.

These steps enable the option to create paid channels for your account. They do not create a paid channel; see Creating paid channels for those steps.

To enable paid subscriptions for your channels:

  1. On the Account Features page for your channel, locate the Paid Subscriptions option.

    This option is available only if you meet the eligibility requirements detailed below.

    If the Paid subscriptions option indicates that your content owner needs to sign an agreement with YouTube, someone with Content Manager permissions needs to go to the Owner Features page, click Enable, and sign the agreement.

  2. Click the Enable button.

  3. Read the terms of the YouTube Paid Subscriptions Agreement, select the check boxes indicating that you agree to the terms, and click I accept.

    A new Paid Subscriptions option appears in the list of Channel Settings on the left of the screen.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to create paid channels, you must meet these requirements:

  • Your account is in good standing.

  • You meet the general criteria for YouTube partnership.

  • You have verified your account by phone.

  • You have an approved AdSense account linked to your YouTube account.

  • You own a free channel with at least 10,000 active subscribers.

  • You are located in one of these countries:

    • Australia (AU)
    • Brazil (BR)
    • Canada (CA)
    • France (FR)
    • Hong Kong (HK)
    • India (IN)
    • Italy (IT)
    • Japan (JP)
    • Mexico (MX)
    • New Zealand (NZ)
    • South Korea (KR)
    • Spain (ES)
    • United Kingdom (GB)
    • United States (US)