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As of September 19, 2017, you can no longer create paid content on YouTube. All your existing paid channels or videos will continue to show until January 1, 2018, and then they'll be made private. Individual videos purchased (not rented) will be accessible to purchasers until January 1, 2023 per purchase terms. Learn more about your options for managing paid content.

You upload paid content in the same way you upload content to any channel. However, paid content needs to meet the additional requirements described below. Expand any of the items below to learn more about the requirement.

You must specify whether each video on a paid channel requires a paid subscription

A paid channel can include both paid videos, which only paid subscribers can view, and free videos, which both subscribers and non-subscribers can view.

You set the default value for uploaded videos on the channel’s Upload Defaults page. To upload most content as paid videos, select the Require paid subscription to view check box; to upload free videos by default, deselect the check box.

You can change the free or paid status for an individual video in the Video Manager. The Require paid subscription to view check box is on the video’s Monetization page. You can also specify a video’s free or paid status when you upload it using the YouTube Rights Feed XML format or a spreadsheet template.

You must have exclusive rights to all paid videos and be approved for monetization.

Every paid video must be approved for monetization. If you go through a standard review process, the video is unavailable until the review process is complete. If you have the option to set a policy directly, you must set it, with no ownership conflicts. If an ownership conflict occurs with a paid video then the video will be blocked and unavailable to subscribers until the ownership conflict is resolved with the conflicting content owner.

You must provide a content rating for all paid videos

All paid videos uploaded to a paid channel must have a content rating for each country in which it is available. Paid videos without a rating will be restricted to users over the age of 18 and labeled with the messaging of "may contain content intended for mature audiences."

You can rate videos using a YouTube content rating or, if required by law, an official rating from a ratings organization.

If you upload a video using the YouTube Rights Feed XML format or a spreadsheet template, you can apply a YouTube content rating or an official rating to it at upload time. You can also apply ratings in the Video Manager.

All paid videos must be available in the local language or explicitly note that it is not available

The specific requirements depend on the country in which the video is available.

  • In Brazil, France, and Spain, videos must be available in the local language.

  • In Japan and Korea, the channel description must explicitly note if videos are not available in the local language. This approach is a best practice for all countries.

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