Can't connect to Google+

Currently, a small set of channels can't connect to Google+ as they have certain properties that Google+ doesn't support. If your channel is affected, then you'll see a prompt telling you the specific issue when you try to connect to Google+. These channels won't be able to access some new features.

The following types of channels are currently affected:

  • Channels with a disabled Google+ profile
  • Channels on a Google Apps domain that disables Google+
  • Channels with policies that prevent them from having a Google+ profile or page (e.g., channels with age gates, or other restrictions that Google+ does not support)
  • Channels that are hidden

In addition, channels with paid subscriptions can connect to a Google+ profile but not to a Google+ page, due to technical limitations.

What to do if your channel can't connect to Google+

We are working to lift the restrictions so that all channels can use a Google identity. Until then, if your channel is in this state, you have a few options:

  • If your channel’s account has a disabled Google+ profile, in some cases you can visit Google+ to see if you can resolve the issue. Learn more about profile suspensions.
  • If your channel’s account is on a Google Apps domain that has disabled Google+, talk with your domain administrator to see if Google+ can be enabled.
  • If your channel has a paid subscription, and you want to connect to a Google+ page, consider unsubscribing. (You can re-subscribe using your personal channel.)
  • If your channel is hidden, you can re-enable your channel.
  • Consider using an alternate channel that doesn't have above properties.

If you don't see any option to connect to Google+

Is your channel already connected to a Google+ page or profile? If so, you won't see the option to connect with Google+ since a channel can be connected with only one Google+ page or profile.

To check, sign in to YouTube, click your channel name or photo in the top right, and check the navigation bar that appears. If your channel is connected to Google+, you’ll see a link to "Page" or "Profile" under “Google account”.

Find out what to do if your channel is connected to the wrong Google+ profile or page.

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