Can't connect to Google+

Currently, a small set of channels can't connect to Google+ as they have certain properties that Google+ doesn't support. If your channel is affected, then you'll see a prompt telling you the specific issue when you try to connect to Google+. These channels won't be able to access some new features.

The following types of channels are currently affected:

  • Channels with a disabled Google+ profile
  • Channels on a Google Apps domain that disables Google+
  • Channels with policies that prevent them from having a Google+ profile or page (e.g., channels with age gates, or other restrictions that Google+ does not support)

In addition, channels with paid subscriptions can connect to a Google+ profile but not to a Google+ page, due to technical limitations.

What to do if your channel can't connect to Google+

We are working to lift the restrictions so that all channels can use a Google identity. Until then, if your channel is in this state, you have a few options:

  • If your channel’s account has a disabled Google+ profile, in some cases you can visit Google+ to see if you can resolve the issue. Learn more about profile suspensions.
  • If your channel’s account is on a Google Apps domain that has disabled Google+, talk with your domain administrator to see if Google+ can be enabled.
  • If your channel has a paid subscription, and you want to connect to a Google+ page, consider unsubscribing. (You can re-subscribe using your personal channel.)
  • If your channel is hidden, you can re-enable your channel.
  • Consider using an alternate channel that doesn't have above properties.

If you don't see any option to connect to Google+

Is your channel already connected to a Google+ page or profile? If so, you won't see the option to connect with Google+ since a channel can be connected with only one Google+ page or profile.

To check, sign in to YouTube on a computer, click your channel name or photo in the top right, and check the navigation bar that appears. If your channel is connected to Google+, you’ll see a link to "Page" or "Profile" under “Google account”.

Find out what to do if your channel is connected to the wrong Google+ profile or page.

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