Provide information about sound recordings

If you are uploading sound recordings, you can provide metadata for them using an interactive wizard. Remember that you must control the same publishing rights for all of the compositions included in any single upload batch.

If you are uploading other asset types, or want to provide metadata for your sound recordings in a batch, upload a CSV or XML file along with the other files.

To add sound recording metadata:

  1. Click Edit metadata.

  2. Identify the countries where you own (or do not own) the sound recordings that you are uploading.

    Select one of these radio buttons:

    • worldwide – You own the sound recordings everywhere.

    • in the following countries – Enter the country names where you own the sound recordings or click the globe button to select the countries from a list.

    • everywhere except these countries – Enter the country names where you don't own the sound recordings or click the globe button to select the countries from a list.

  3. Identify which publishing rights you control for the sound recordings you’re uploading.

    The publishing rights that you may specify ownership of are:

    • Mechanical rights

    • Performance rights

    • Synchronization rights

    Be sure to only check rights that you are sure you control.

  4. Select the policy you want to apply to user-uploaded videos that match your sound recordings.

    The pane lists all of the policies that you have saved as well as policies to monetize or block content worldwide, which are available to all partners by default.

  5. Add metadata about your songs.

    YouTube uses some values, such as ISRC numbers, UPC numbers, or custom IDs that you have assigned to your recordings, to uniquely identify the songs that you're uploading. Other information is displayed so that you can view a list of songs and have some idea of what you're looking at.

    Required fields are shaded red. Specifically, the Title and Artist fields are both required, and you must also specify a value for either the ISRC, Custom ID, or UPC field. (You can specify values for more than one of these fields.)

    An error displays if you have not entered a valid value for all required fields. An error will also display if you have entered the same ISRC, Custom ID, or UPC to more than one recording.

    If your sound recording files use ID3 tags to store information about themselves, the form will be populated with the ID3 values automatically. While using the editor, you can click the Reload ID3 tags button to reload the data from the tags, though this may overwrite any changes you have already made.

  6. Click the Done button to exit the metadata wizard so that you can complete your upload.

    You won't be able to click the Done button until you have provided a valid value for all of the required fields in the form.