Upload content with the Package uploader

The Package uploader lets you quickly upload sound recordings and video files to YouTube in bulk. It provides a graphical user interface that enables you to drag and drop the files you want to upload. To create new assets, you need to upload a metadata file (a spreadsheet or an XML file) along with the media files for all of the assets.

To upload (or update the metadata for) just one or two videos, you'll probably find the basic youtube.com upload to be the easier option.

To upload files using Package uploader:

  1. Click the Package Manager Uploader link that appears under CONTENT DELIVERY in the left-side menu.

    If you never used any of the Content Delivery features before, YouTube will automatically create an uploader account for you the first time you visit one of the Content Delivery pages. You can modify the email address or default channel for the uploader by going to Uploader settings.

  2. Select the files to upload.

    You can add files to the file list in two ways:

    • Drag the files from your computer and drop them in the file list.

    • Click the up-arrow icon and select the files you want to upload.

    The list of files must include a valid metadata file, either a spreadsheet or an XML file. You should use the Metadata validator to validate the metadata before you upload it.

  3. Click Process package.

It can take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours to finish processing a bulk upload. You can track the progress of your package and review any error messages on the Upload Status page.

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