YouTube CMS Uploader

The YouTube CMS Uploader will no longer be supported as of mid-2015. We recommend delivering metadata using spreadsheet templates rather than CMS Uploader.

The YouTube CMS Uploader is a downloadable application that lets you quickly upload assets from your desktop to YouTube Content Manager (CMS). It provides a graphical user interface that enables you to drag and drop the files you want to upload from your computer desktop.

If you’re uploading a modest number of sound recordings, the CMS Desktop Uploader has an interactive wizard to walk you through the asset information settings. You can identify the regions in which you own the recordings, specify which publishing rights you control, and apply usage and match policies that you’ve saved in YouTube Content Manager.

If you’re uploading other types of content, or numerous sound recordings, you upload a file, in CSV or XML format, that specifies the metadata for your content.

Once you’ve installed the CMS Uploader, the upload process has just a few steps:

  1. Select the files that you want to upload, or drag them from your desktop into the application.

  2. Specify ownership territories, publishing rights, policy settings and metadata for the content that you're uploading, using either the interactive editor or a metadata file.

  3. Click a button to upload the files and the metadata to YouTube.

  4. You must control the same publishing rights for all of the compositions included in any single upload. If you have different publishing rights for the compositions in some of your sound recordings, you will need to upload those recordings separately.
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