Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) key pair for an Aspera dropbox

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YouTube requires that you connect to your YouTube dropbox using a Secure Shell (SSH) connection. SSH is a network protocol that ensures secure data transfer.

SSH authenticates you using public-key cryptography. You create a pair of keys: a private key that resides on your client computer and a public key that your dropbox server uses. Both keys have to be in place for your computer to connect to your dropbox.

You need to provide your partner representative with your public SSH key before he or she can create your dropbox. The public key is a string that starts with ssh-rsa, ends with your email address, and has a long generated string in the middle. For example:

AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCXsM9ycbHV6E6t2L+B4p/uYHn9Q0jmu5gU XMYnFnnf4l39xrznfDo8KCASzRrqUkRnuzrno059CvZVzcljkbwWLzKKoE1EwbzH L3nYahMB4MdYNWhBbHbB+ybq6RNO7hkoKDBIQCfqQDY0FEB6sV3d3F1WYl0bAMjp 15yyZJzMKa/rRnZKWetHlcL1X+gFWmW2hQ93foPD463gb58/25GujjsS/tzjngw7 UJMVkm08U1QEY3z3DE/R++7ovJozTCzH0CTNDN0AH3/oSC3dmG+yDh3ZXFATjWjy PXJSOziNrp9TXgJhlqSmoHcPvpotMVjx21kIZ+T+SusQmnG+hK+L

Note: The key should not contain new line breaks.

To generate an SSH key for an Aspera dropbox:

  1. Open your Aspera client.

  2. From the Tools menu, select Manage Keys. 

  3. In the SSH Keys window, click + to bring up the New SSH Key Pair window.

  4. Enter a name for this key pair in the Identity box.

    The key will appear in your list of SSH Keys using this Identity name.

  5. Set the Type drop-down list to RSA.

  6. Click OK to generate the key pair.

    Your new SSH key name appears in the list in the SSH Keys window, with the public key itself in the Public Key text box.

  7. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the public key.

  8. Send the text of the key to your partner representative.

    You can paste the key from the clipboard into an email message.


    Click Close in the SSH Keys window to complete the process.


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