Basics about your channel

Your channel is where you can organize your video content for your audience. As a channel owner, you can add videos, links, and info about yourself or your channel for visitors to explore.

Customize you channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube on a computer.
  2. Under your profile picture at the top right, select Your channel.
  3. Click Customize channel.
  4. Use the drop-down menu next to your name to view your channel as Yourself, a New visitor, or a Returning subscriber.
  5. Use the tabs to preview your channel:
  • Home: This tab is what your audience sees when they visit your channel. They can view a feed of your activities or preview different sections of your customized layout.
  • Videos: Use this tab to see a list of all uploads publicly available for subscribers or all the videos you've publicly liked. You can sort by most popular or date added.
  • Playlists: This tab is a list of all the playlists that you've created.
  • Channels: Feature other owned channels or creators.
  • Discussion: If you've turned on the discussion tab, it will display comments left on your channel.
  • About: Use this tab to add a channel description (maximum length of 1,000 characters). You can also add your channel country/region, business contact, and social media or other web links.
  • Links that you add here are featured just below your description and use the icon from the corresponding social media network when displayed. You can overlay up to five of these links on your channel art as shortcut icons.
  • To edit your About tab, hover over the content, then click Edit .
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