Make bulk edits to assets

These features are only available to partners who use YouTube Studio Content Manager.

In Studio Content Manager, you can edit many assets at once. The maximum number of assets you can update in one bulk action is 2500, except for editing asset labels where the limit does not apply.

Edit multiple assets

  1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager.
  2. From the left menu, click Assets.
  3. Check the box next to each asset you’d like to update. To select all assets on one page, check the box at the top. To select all assets, check the box at the top and click “Select all matching”.
  4. Click Edit and choose the type of edit you'd like to make.
  5. Enter the details of the edit and select UPDATE ASSETS.
  6. For edits other than adding asset labels, you’ll need to confirm the number of assets in a pop-up window.

Bulk changes to match policy

When you change the match policy of many assets at once, you’ll be asked which claims should be updated. You can choose between:

  • Update only the claims created using the original match policy: claims with policy edited manually at a later date will not be updated.
  • Update all claims created against the selected assets: claims of all selected assets will be updated.
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