Update multiple assets at once

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

You may wish to update certain asset information across multiple assets, which you can do with the bulk update function.

To update multiple assets at once:

  1. Select the assets you wish to update by checking the boxes next to each asset.

    If you want to update all displayed assets, click the checkbox above your asset list to the left of the Actions drop-down list.

    For example, you can use asset search filters to show a specific set of assets, then select and edit them all simultaneously, or select specific assets within that subset, as in the screenshot below.

  2. From the Actions drop-down list, select the item you want to update for the selected assets.

    For example, to set the match policy for the assets, select Match Policy.

  3. Make the desired changes to the selected assets on the subsequent screen.

When you set a match policy, by default the change applies only to Content ID claims. To apply the new match policy to all user-uploaded videos, select the option Update all user uploaded videos claimed against these assets. Note that match policy changes do not affect usage policies for content you upload.

  • Click Apply Actions to submit the changes.
  • Bulk update assets

    You may review the bulk update jobs you’ve initiated, and their current status, by clicking the Bulk update status page under your Assets section.

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