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Fix Content ID reference overlaps

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

Reference overlaps (previously called "conflicting reference files") happen when two reference files uploaded to the Content ID system contain segments with identical audio, video, or audiovisual content. The partner who uploads the most recent reference file will see action in their Content ID To Dos list.

You need to specify which party owns exclusive rights to any overlapping section(s) in order for Content ID to correctly execute claims based on an overlapping reference file.

Fix reference overlaps

  1. Go to your To Dos on the Content ID menu to see your reference files that have overlapping ownership.
    • Each of the reference files listed here will have information about the reference file(s) that overlap it. At a glance, this includes the amount of overlap, the percent of the reference that overlaps and general information about the owner(s) of the overlapping reference file(s).
  2. Click on an item in this list to see more information about the overlap and compare the overlapping portions of the two references.
  3. Choose whether to assert ownership or not:
    • Choose to exclude the overlapping section from your ownership of the reference, allowing the other party to assert ownership to that portion, or 
    • Declare exclusive rights over that overlapping segment. If you do this, the owner of the other reference file will receive an item in their To Dos to resolve their part of the overlap and will have an option to exclude or contact you about the overlapping portion. The owner of the other reference file may also have the option to counter-assert exclusive rights over the overlapping segment.
    • If you’re not sure what to do, use the button to contact the other owner(s) for more information or to help resolve the issue.
    • If you have more than one overlap with the same owner, you may choose to contact them regarding all of your reference overlaps at once. To do this, click the dropdown by the search bar to select which owner you wish to contact. Once the owner has been chosen, use the contact owners button to help you resolve all reference overlaps you have with this particular partner.

You can also exclude or assert exclusive ownership in bulk. You can do this by selecting the check box for any reference overlaps you wish to do in bulk and selecting the appropriate action from the Actions dropdown.


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