Cancel or update a subscription payment

When you have an active paid subscription, you’ll be automatically charged the price of the subscription at the start of each new billing cycle until you cancel.

Cancel a payment

You can cancel at any time by clicking the channel's Unsubscribe button, or by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Find the subscription under Active subscriptions
  3. Click the Cancel subscription link next to that subscription
  4. Confirm that you'd like to cancel by clicking Unsubscribe

Once you cancel a subscription you will not be charged again unless you re-subscribe. You’ll still be able to watch all the videos included in the channel until the end of the current subscription period.

You can re-subscribe to the same channel at any time if you like, but you won’t receive a second free trial. If you re-subscribe while you still have access to the channel, you’ll be charged again when the current subscription period ends.

Update a subscription payment

You can change the card used for a subscription payment from the Subscriptions and services section of Find the subscription you'd like to update and choose the new card from the Pay with menu. 

Check the status of your paid channel subscriptions anytime by visiting
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