What to Watch Next Module

The "What to Watch Next" module appears for viewers who have subscribed to your channel to encourage them to continue engaging with your video content. This section is dynamic in that we always show users content they have not yet viewed.

Here's how content shows on the "What to Watch Next Module":

  1. If you currently have a live streaming event, this will show in the “What to Watch Next” module.
  2. If a viewer got to your channel from a TrueView In-Search ad with a channel as the playback destination, it'll show the promoted video in the "What to Watch Next" module.
  3. If none of the above apply but the user has recently watched a video from your channel, it'll show the first "Related" uploaded by you video from that video in the module. This is the video that shows as the top left thumbnail in “Related Videos” in the video player when a video ends.
  4. If none of the above apply, it'll show the most recent upload for your channel.
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