Slate an ad insertion

If you setup Monetization on YouTube, you will be able to serve automatic pre-roll ads and manually inserted mid-roll ads.

To enable ad serving, check Monetize with ads under the Monetization tab. Pre-roll ads are called on each successful player load. While live, insert mid-roll ads by clicking Play ad in the live dashboard.

If the player is embedded on an external site with auto start, ads will be disabled.

Slate insertion

The slate (animated YouTube logo) feature allows you to cover the video being fed by your encoder. Slate insertion is only available in Events.

  • Review the stream using the Preview Player. 
  • Click Slate In to insert a slate into the public stream.
  • Click Slate Out to remove the slate.
    The ads and slate will appear in the Public View player only. Remember to slate out to confirm the slate has been removed in the Public View player.
Ad insertion for Events
  • In Events, click Edit and select Monetization from the drop down. Alternatively, go to the Monetization tab at the top next to Basic Info when you create the event.
  • Select Usage policy and choose the appropriate monetization policy for your video.
  • Click Save.

Insert ads at a specific point

  • Enable Sync to Preview when you start the stream from the Live Control Room.
  • Review the stream using the Preview Player.
  • Click Insert Ad to deliver an ad cue into the stream. 

While you live stream, it is important that ad breaks have a predetermined length. Only stream cleared content, or a slate during the ad break, in case ad inventory is not available.

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