Remove Content ID claimed songs from my videos

If your video has matched a content owner's music through Content ID, there may be restrictions on where and how the video is available, as well as whether you can monetize the video.

In some cases, you can remove this song, and the restrictions that come with it. This can often be done without muting the entire video, so your original audio will remain. Please note that even if you use this tool, you're still responsible for any use of third-party content that may remain in your videos.

This feature is limited to videos shorter than 2 hours.

To remove a track from a video with a copyright claim, go to Video Manager.

Find the video you want to remove a song from. Then, click on the arrow next to Edit and choose Audio.

If the song in the video can be removed, you'll see the "Remove a Song" menu at the bottom of the screen.

Click Remove this song, then Save your changes.

This will remove only the claimed audio, leaving other layers of audio intact. If that’s not possible, it will mute the portion of your video where the claimed audio appears. You’ll have to wait for the song erase to complete processing before you’ll know if the song removal was successful. These changes can be undone by clicking "Undo song removal"

Undoing song erasing and replacement

To undo the song removal:

  1. Find the video in Video Manager
  2. Click the arrow next to Edit, then Audio
  3. Click "Undo song removal" at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click Save
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