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Use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account

If you want to use a name or photo on YouTube that's different from what you have for your Google Account, connect your channel to a Brand Account. You can do this to support your business or brand identity on YouTube without showing a connection with your personal Google Account.

When you connect a YouTube channel to a Brand Account:

  • Your Google Account is an owner/manager of the Brand Account connected with the YouTube channel. This lets you access the YouTube channel from your Google Account.
  • There's no public association between your Google Account and the Brand Account, so viewers won't see your name or email address (unless you publicly link them yourself).
  • You can manage multiple pages (and their channels) from one Google Account. This helps if you have more than one YouTube channel.
  • You can add additional managers and owners to your Brand Account. This way, you and any teammates or collaborators can manage the channel without having to share passwords. Learn more about managing channels connected to Brand Accounts.

Connect a channel to a Brand Account

You can connect a new or existing channel to a Brand Account.

Create a new channel

You can follow these instructions to create a new channel connected to a Brand Account.

Connect an existing channel that isn't connected to a Brand Account
  1. Go to your account settings and click Confirm your name on YouTube.
  2. Select the option to use a business or other name.
  3. Choose one of following options to set the new name for your YouTube channel and then click Next. Use your Brand Account (if you have any)

    If you already have any Brand Accounts, you'll see them listed. If you choose one of these, your YouTube channel will be renamed to match the page. If the Brand Account has any other managers, they'll also be able to manage the channel from now on.

    If you don't see your Brand Account

    If your Brand Account isn't listed, your YouTube channel's Google Account is not a manager of that Brand Account. Learn how to add your Google Account as a manager of the page.

    Use your current YouTube username

    Choose this option to set up a new Brand Account for your channel with the same name as your YouTube name. Your YouTube name won't change.

    Create a new name

    Select Choose a better name to set up a new name that will apply to your YouTube channel and Brand Account.

    Use your Google Account name

    Use the name you’ve chosen for your Google Account as your YouTube name.

Note: When you're using the page, you might see an unusual email address in some places, such as This isn't a real email address — it's just an identifier for the page. Email notifications for the YouTube channel go to the notification address that you can set for the page.

Switch between accounts

It's easy to switch between your Google Account identity and Brand Account identities to manage any of your YouTube channels — whether it's your business channel(s) or personal channel.

When you sign in to your Google Account on YouTube, you can choose to use YouTube with the identity of your Google Account or any Brand Accounts that you manage.

  1. On you computer, click on your channel icon in the top right corner.
  2. Choose the account you want to use YouTube as from the list.
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