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Learn with the YouTube Creator Academy

Want to build your audience and optimise your YouTube channel for success? Whether you have a few minutes or an hour, there's something for you in the Creator Academy.

YouTube Creator Academy topics

Take a look at these lessons to see what top creators are doing and try these strategies out on your channel. The newest releases are indicated with an asterisk.

How YouTube works

Learn fundamentals for getting started on YouTube and why subscribers matter with our lessons on how YouTube works:

Create great videos

Develop your creative strategy and production skills with our lessons on creating great videos:

Prepare to shoot your videos

Learn how to start strong with our lessons on pre-production:

Lighting & camera

Develop high-quality content with our lessons on directing your lighting and camera:

Sound & music

Get great audio in your videos with our lessons on using sound and music:

  • Good sound: How to capture clean sound with the right equipment and location.
  • Sound effects: Enhance your video with descriptive audio.
  • Add music: Set the mood and sourcing music.
Build a consistent brand

Learn how to use marketing to make your content memorable with our lessons on building a consistent brand:

Get discovered

Package your videos for more watch time with our lessons on getting discovered:

Encourage viewers to watch more

Give viewers easy ways to discover your videos with our lessons on encouraging viewers to watch more:

Drive fan engagement

Build and engage your audience for long-term success with our lessons on driving fan engagement:

Top strategies for specific audiences Measure your success

Get the most out of YouTube Analytics:

Earn money with YouTube

Learn how to make money by doing what you love with our lessons on earning money with YouTube:

Success stories

Learn from our case studies of successful creators:

  • Bethany Mota: How she made the must-have accessory.
  • Epic Rap Battles: How they broke into the YouTube elite.
  • Jamie Oliver: Food Tube, a recipe for YouTube success.
  • Michelle Phan: How she became everyone's beauty bestie.
  • Rosanna Pansino: How she created the perfect recipe for YouTube success.
  • Slow Mo Guys: How they made every second epic.
  • Truthloader: How they built a loyal fan base and transformed news on YouTube.
  • VICE: Growing sustained viewership through breakout videos.
  • Zoella: How she brought the best out of her channel.

Not sure where to start?

We've packaged up some lessons into a course for you around popular themes:

  • Foundations for success* (5 lessons): Create your ultimate channel and keep it thriving.
  • The art of getting viewers (5 lessons): What's the secret to getting viewers on YouTube? Draw in new viewers and get them engaged.
  • Grow your audience (9 lessons): Get the tools and strategies to attract audiences to your channel and keep them coming back.
  • Engage your fans (4 lessons): Maximise engagement with your viewers so they'll keep coming back to watch more.
  • Production skills* (6 lessons): Learn visual design, framing, lighting and sound techniques that will help you make magic (without making your bank balance disappear).
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