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Learn with the YouTube Creator Academy

You can use the Creator Academy to build your audience and optimise your YouTube channel for success. Take a look at these lessons to see what top creators are doing and try these strategies on your channel.

Getting started

Get the fundamentals on how to get started on YouTube and find out why subscribers matter with Getting started courses

Create great content

Develop your creative strategy and production skills to build loyal fans with Creating great content courses:

Build your channel's brand

Learn how to use marketing to make your videos and channel memorable with Building your channel's brand courses:


Turn your ideas into great videos by borrowing strategies that filmmakers use, like creating scripts, schedules, storyboards and more, with Pre-production courses.

Production skills

Learn how to captivate your audience using lighting and camera choices with Production skills courses:

Choose your soundtrack

Learn how to use sound and music to give your videos a dramatic impact with courses for choosing your soundtrack:

Production techniques
Learn production-related tools and techniques that you can use on YouTube to enrich your channel with Production techniques courses
  • Start live streaming: Learn why hosting a live broadcast can boost interactions with your fans in real time, build community and generate excitement over cultural events.
  • Utilise frame rates: Choosing the right frame rate for your production. 
Grow your audience

Package your videos to give them the best chance of getting discovered and watched with Grow your audience courses:

Why subscribers matter
Subscribers are critical to your success on YouTube. Learn how to cultivate loyal subscribers and keep them in the "Why subscribers matter" lesson.
Boost your watch time

Give viewers easy ways to find and watch more of your videos with Boosting your watch time courses:

Engage your community
Learn tips to build and engage your audience for long-term success with Engaging your community courses:
Measure your success
Get the most out of your YouTube Analytics by learning how to get answers to common metrics questions with Measure your success courses:
Understand metrics and earnings
Are you wondering what may have caused a drop in your channel's watch time, views or earnings? Use the scenarios in "Common YouTube Analytics questions" to help determine what happened and what to do next.
Find out how to make money with YouTube
Find out how you can make money by doing what you love with Making money with YouTube courses:
Build a business on YouTube
Get tips for turning your channel into a thriving business with Building a business on YouTube courses:
  • Set a vision for your business: Take the first step toward building your channel into a business by brainstorming what you want your personal brand to stand for. 
  • Promote your brand: Move your channel and brand forward by representing and promoting your brand in the media and beyond.
  • Branded content – Working with advertisers: Get ready to build effective relationships with brands using these industry tips.
  • Perfect your pitch: Learn tips to effectively communicate your brand and unlock opportunities.
  • Build your A-team: Every creator grows at a different pace. Ask yourself if it's time to build a support team and learn what to consider when hiring them.
360-degree video and virtual reality on YouTube
Find out how to determine whether producing videos in 360° is right for you with 360-degree and VR video courses:
  • Intro to 360 and VR: 360-degree video (360) and virtual reality (VR) are hot topics – learn what they are and how they work.
  • Shooting in 360-degrees: Learn how to produce 360-degree and virtual reality videos using a camera with multiple lenses.
Top strategies for specific audiences
Customise an experience to make your channel a destination for your fans with our top strategies for specific audiences: 
Making music channels

Find out how to promote your music, get your fans to tune in and take your channel to the top of the charts with courses on making music channels:

Developing a beauty channel

Many successful beauty and fashion channels adopt existing strategies and formats, but often the most successful take a unique approach to their subject that allows them to stand out from the crowd. Find out how with our courses on developing a beauty channel:

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