Stream now, Quick and Custom Live Event Types

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When you want to create a live stream on YouTube, you have a few options. Stream now lets you create a live stream in a few easy steps. Events lets you choose between Quick and Custom.

Quick will create a Hangout On Air with all the standard Hangout On Air features, including quick-start streaming right from your laptop. Custom will create a YouTube Live Event where you control your event production and manage your own encoding settings using your preferred platform.

Here's some information to help you choose the best option for you.

  Stream now Custom Quick
We'll detect when you are sending content and automatically start the stream. Stop the encoder and we'll also stop the stream for you. ✓ 
(via Settings)
Choose low latency to stream closer to real time.  
Use your own preferred encoding equipment and customise your encoding settings. Optional reusable entry points for encoders.  
Send your highest quality and we'll automatically create all lower qualities for the viewers.
Choose your own ingestion bitrate and resolution, based on your network conditions. Up to 1440p @60fps.  
Send redundant streams for automatic seamless failover, if needed.  
No separate encoding equipment needed. Stream directly from your browser.    
We'll automatically detect your resolution, based on your network conditions. Up to 720p.    
Completely control your production, using whatever audiovisual equipment you prefer. You control the source and the encoding.  
Choose a single audio and video input.
Enable monetisation with pre-roll ads.
Insert mid-roll ads into the live stream.  
Player automatically chooses the best playback quality for the viewer as the default. Users can also manually choose a quality to watch.
Upload a custom thumbnail for the live event.  
Create Unlisted and Private events.
Unlimited event durations.
Automatically record the event (max 4-12 hours) and use YouTube Video Editor to edit the recording (max 3 hours).
Enable DVR for users to rewind the most recent 12 hours of your event.
Start and stop the event from the Live Control Room.    
Insert Broadcast Alerts, Slates and Create Highlights from the Live Control Room during the live event.    
Monitor analytics and stream health from the Live dashboard or Live Control Room during the live event.
Create multi-cam events.    
Create 360-degree live stream.    
Use YouTube live chat to interact with viewers. Assign moderators to manage chat.  
Invite up to 10 participants to hang out via video.    
Share the persistent link with your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter followers. This will also promote your future live streams.    
Share the unique live event link with your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter followers.
Create a custom post.  
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