Live encoder settings, bitrates and resolutions


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Based on your available outbound bandwidth, choose the one quality from below that you can reliably stream.  YouTube will automatically create all of the lower qualities.

Example: If you have 10M dedicated bandwidth for your encoder, you could safely choose to stream 720p quality. 4M for primary encoder, 4M for backup encoder, with room for overhead.

Be sure to test with content similar to your live show.  For example, tests should include audio and movement in the video.  During the event, monitor the stream health and review messages here.  

1080p @60fps
  • Be sure to check the 60fps box in the Ingestion Settings tab.  
  • Resolution
    • 1920x1080
  • Video Bitrates
    • Maximum 9000 Kbps
    • Recommended 6800 Kbps
    • Minimum 4500 Kbps
  • Resolution
    • 1920x1080
  • Video Bitrates
    • Maximum 6000 Kbps
    • Recommended 4500 Kbps
    • Minimum 3000 Kbps
720p @60fps
  • Be sure to tick check 60fps box in the Ingestion Settings tab.
  • Resolution
    • 1280x720
  • Video Bitrates
    • Maximum 6000 Kbps
    • Recommended 3800 Kbps
    • Minimum 2250 Kbps
  • Resolution
    • 1280x720
  • Video Bitrates
    • Maximum 4000 Kbps
    • Recommended 2500 Kbps
    • Minimum 1500 Kbps
  • Resolution
    • 854x480
  • Video Bitrates
    • Maximum 2000 Kbps
    • Recommended 1000 Kbps
    • Minimum 500 Kbps
  • Resolution
    • 640x360
  • Video Bitrates
    • Maximum 1000 Kbps
    • Recommended 750 Kbps
    • Minimum 400 Kbps
  • Resolution
    • 426x240
  • Video Bitrates
    • Maximum 700 Kbps
    • Recommended 400 Kbps
    • Minimum 300 Kbps

Encoder settings

Protocol: RTMP Flash Streaming
Video codec: H.264, 4.1
Frame rate: up to 60 fps
Keyframe frequency:

Recommended 2 seconds

do not exceed 4 seconds

Audio codec: AAC or MP3
Bitrate encoding: CBR

Recommended advanced settings

Pixel aspect ratio: Square
Frame types: Progressive Scan, 2 B-Frames, 1 Reference Frame
Entropy coding: CABAC
Audio sample rate: 44.1 KHz
Audio bitrate: 128 Kbps stereo
HTML5 streaming:  Many browsers support HTML5 and either the H.264 video codec or WebM format.
Live events are automatically available on iOS, Android 4.0+, game console devices and mobile devices via the YouTube app and

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