Differences between Google+ profiles and pages

There are two types of Google identities:

  • Google+ profiles represent individuals.
  • Google+ pages generally represent entities like brands, businesses, or organizations; they can also represent celebrities, individual personas, or pseudonyms. They're often managed by multiple people.

There are several differences between Google+ profiles and pages and what happens when you connect them to a YouTube channel:

Google+ profiles Google+ pages
Identity across Google services (Gmail, Drive, Play, etc.) Your profile identity is used across all Google services, so you'll have a consistent name across YouTube and all of Google. Your Google+ page identity is separate from your profile identity, so you can use a different name on your page and channel than you do on other Google services.
Channel managers As your profile represents you as an individual, the channel connected to your profile can only be managed through your own account. A page can have up to 50 managers. This means that multiple people can manage a page and its connected channel without sharing sign-in information.
Managing multiple channels from one account Since a Google Account can only have one Google+ profile, you can only have one channel connected to the profile on your account. You can manage up to 50 different pages from one Google Account. You can switch between pages and connected channels without having to sign into a different account.

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