YouTube Trends Dashboard and Trends Map FAQ

About YouTube Trends

Created by YouTube, YouTube Trends is a destination for the rising videos and trends on YouTube and a place for daily insight into what’s happening in web video.

By making use of viewership data and aggregating the wisdom of top curators across the web, YouTube Trends surfaces popular videos in real time, and provides context for trends developing within the YouTube community.

The site is also a laboratory for new tools to help us identify and understand trends across YouTube.


What is the Trends Dashboard?

The Trends Dashboard was introduced in 2010 as a part of the YouTube Trends toolset and it allows users to compare the most viewed and shared videos across a variety of locations and demographics.

What is the Trends Map?

The YouTube TrendsMap is a visualization of the most shared and viewed videos in various regions across the United States over the last 12-24 hours. The map provides a comprehensive view of the data from our Trends Dashboard.

How do you get your demographic information?

The age and gender data on a video’s audience is solely based on the information reported by registered, logged-in users in their YouTube account profiles. We do not track the usernames that view specific videos, and we do not release information about individual users.

Why do some cities return fewer results than others?

The Trends Dashboard is populated with the latest data from around the world and sorted by location and demographic. On some occasions, we may not have sufficient data from a specific city, country, or demographic to compile a full list.

Why isn’t my city available/why is my part of the country empty?

Our dashboard and map only use regions that are large enough to consistently return enough results with some reliability.

Why does the Trends Map only show the U.S.?

The Trends Map is an experiment in visualizing new and unique YouTube data. Stay tuned for future updates and explorations!

Why doesn’t the dashboard load for me?

Give it a moment. There can be a delay from the time you select a region to the display of full results.

What do the "Top Videos" bars represent on the Trends Map?

Each bar is a graphical summary of the top videos for a different demographic. Within each bar, a video is represented by a colorful segment--the colors are drawn from the video’s thumbnail. The width of a video’s segment reflects the number of regions on the map where the video is #1.

What is the difference between "Views" and "Shares"?

"Views" depicts which recently uploaded videos have received the most views in the past 12-24 hours and "Shares" displays which recently uploaded videos have received the most views from sharing platforms in the past 12-24 hours. You can switch between these two with the button at the upper right.

Why is ____ video so popular with 13-17 year old females?

No one will ever know...