How copyright claims may affect your video

To determine whether an issue with your video is copyright-related, visit the Copyright Notices section of your account. If any videos appear there, they are affected by either copyright strikes or Content ID claims.

If your video was removed due to a Community Guidelines violation, learn more about your options.

Copyright Strikes

Videos that have been removed due to alleged copyright infringement will appear at the top of the Copyright Notices section of your account.

If your video was removed for alleged copyright infringement, your account will have a copyright strike. If you receive three strikes, your account will be suspended.

Learn how to resolve a copyright strike and restore your account's good standing.

Deleting the video(s) in question will not remove the strike(s) from your account.

Content ID Claims

If your video has been blocked, monetized, or tracked, then it may mean that it's been matched by Content ID. You can check the details of any match policies that have been applied to your videos by clicking the descriptive link next to the video in your Video Manager.

Blocked videos

If your video is blocked everywhere, this claim is penalizing your account, and you may have lost access to certain site features.

Videos that remain live: Monetized or tracked videos

With many Content ID policies, your video will still be viewable on YouTube, but the content owner may choose to monetize or track the video.

For monetized videos, there may be display ads on or around the video player.

Or, there may be a promotion inside and/or below the video to let fans discover more of the creator's content.

Keep in mind that ads may display differently from video to video.

For tracked videos, your video will be unaffected. However, the content owner may track viewership statistics for your video, which they'll be able to see in their YouTube Analytics account.

Dispute or appeal Content ID claims

In your Video Manager, you may click the underlined link to the right of the video's Edit menu to learn more about its claim. If you believe that the claim was made in error, you can dispute it directly from that page.

If you've already disputed a Content ID match and believe that the content owner erroneously upheld the claim, you may be able to appeal the decision.