Set up email notifications

Features described in this article only apply to users of YouTube Studio Content Manager. For info on general YouTube notifications, learn more here.

When you set up your Content Manager, you need to specify who should get notified via email when different account activities take place. For example, some users may need to be notified when a claim is disputed and others may not. To set up email notifications:

  1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings .
  3. In the Overview section, under Email notifications, enter email addresses in the appropriate text boxes:
    • Primary notification: Primary email addresses for the Content Manager account.
      • Gets an email when there's Content Manager activity, including the activities below (ownership conflicts, claim issues, and takedown updates).
      • Partner account details and report notifications will also be sent to these email addresses.
    • Conflict notification: Gets an email when there’s activity related to asset ownership conflicts.
    • Claim issue notification: Gets an email when there are new claim disputes and appeals.
    • Third-party claim notification: (only available to some partners) Gets an email when there are status updates on claims from third-parties.

    • Takedown notification: Gets an email when there are status updates on takedown requests issued by you.
Note: To enter a single email address in a text box, press enter after the email to save it. To enter multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma. After the last email, press enter to save it.
  1. Click SAVE.
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