Suicide and self-injury

Sometimes people may upload videos or post comments in which they express thoughts about suicide, self-injury or depression. If you are having these types of feelings, or know someone else who may need help, please take a look at the resources, tips and tools below.

Tips and Advice:

If you come across content in which someone is suicidal or engaging in self harm, please contact local authorities and flag the video to bring it to our immediate attention. We reach out to these individuals with resources and work with suicide prevention agencies to provide assistance when possible.

If you or someone else is being harassed, please report the abusive content using our reporting tool and seek guidance from a trusted adult, friend or relevant organisation.

If you believe that someone is in imminent danger, please call the police.

Get help:

The website has an extensive list of suicide prevention organisations dedicated to helping those in need. Please visit this site if you are looking to talk to someone about your issues.

Google's Good to Know also includes an extensive list of local organisations that can help.

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