Harassment and cyberbullying

YouTube users share their opinions on all sorts of topics – from politics to religion, social media to celebrities and much more. These conversations can sometimes become passionate, so it's important to be tolerant and allow debate to flourish while avoiding malicious personal attacks.

It comes down to respect. If you're not sure whether a video or comment you've made crosses the line, follow a simple rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it on YouTube.

We take this issue seriously and will remove comments, videos or posts where the main aim is to maliciously harass or attack another user. However, at YouTube we understand the value of free expression, so please understand that not all negative or mean videos and comments will be removed.

When content violates our harassment policy, the person who posted that content will receive a strike against their YouTube account. Accounts that are dedicated to harassing a particular user or the community at large will be terminated.

Reporting harassment

Flag the video: If you come across a video that contains harassment or bullying, flag the video.

File an abuse report: If you have found multiple videos, comments or a user's entire account that you wish to report, please visit our reporting centre, where you will be able to submit a more detailed complaint.

Learn more about harassment, how to get help and how to avoid bullying by reading our Harassment and Cyberbullying article in our Safety Centre.