Use the Creator Dashboard

Use the YouTube Creator Dashboard to get an overview of recent activity on your channel and learn what's new and interesting on YouTube.

Open your Dashboard

To open your dashboard, either:

  • Go directly to
  • From anywhere on YouTube, select your profile picture  and then YouTube Studio beta.

Navigate your Creator Dashboard

On the dashboard you'll see a few different cards.

  • Video Snapshot: A snapshot of how your latest video is performing compared to your previous videos. Note that it takes a few hours for this data to appear.
  • Ideas for you: Personalised recommendations, such as Creator Academy courses specific to your channel.
  • News: The latest updates from across YouTube.
  • Channel Analytics: A quick overview of your channel's main statistics, including your total subscriber count.
  • Creator Insider: The latest videos from the Creator Insider channel.
  • Recent subscribers: A list of your channel's 100 most recent subscribers.

Creator Studio Classic

See your Creator Dashboard

You can go directly to your Creator Dashboard using the link or follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click your profile picture.
  3. Select Creator Studio and then Dashboard.

Navigate your Creator Dashboard

At the top, you'll see total views for publicly available videos, your current subscriber count and the link to go directly to your channel. The Creator Dashboard has five sections:

  • Videos: See basic statistics for your four most recent uploads. Click on video thumbnail for more info.
  • Comments: See the most recent comments on your videos. Hover over a comment to reply.
  • Analytics: See watch time, views and subscribers for your channel over the last 28 days. Click on a chart to go to YouTube Analytics.
  • What's new: Get the latest product updates from YouTube.
  • Tips: Get suggestions and best practices that are customised to your channel.

Customise your Creator Dashboard

You can customise your Creator Dashboard to get a personalised view of what's relevant to you by selecting which sections appear on the page. To move or remove a section, hover over the section's name, then:

  • Move section: Hover over the grid icon and drag the section to where you'd like it on the page.
  • Remove section: Click the X to remove the section from your dashboard.
  • Customise section: Click Settings  (Comments and Videos sections only).
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