Use the Channel dashboard

Use the Channel dashboard to get an overview of recent activity on your channel, and learn what's new and interesting on YouTube.

See your Channel dashboard

To open your dashboard, either:

  • Go directly to YouTube Studio.
  • From anywhere on YouTube, select your profile picture  and then YouTube Studio.

Navigate your Channel dashboard

On the dashboard you’ll see a few different cards.

  • Channel violations: Community Guidelines warnings, strikes, or decisions on appeals.
  • Latest video performance: A snapshot of how your latest video or live stream is performing.
  • Latest comments: A snapshot of the latest comments you haven’t responded to.
  • Latest post: A snapshot of how well your audience is engaging to your latest community post. You’ll only see this if you’re eligible for the Community tab.
  • News: The latest updates from across YouTube.
  • What’s new in Studio: The latest updates to creator tools and features.
  • Creator insider: The latest videos from the Creator Insider channel.
  • Ideas for you: Personalized suggestions and best practices for your channel.
  • Important notifications: Important messages about your channel and videos. Read more below.
  • Channel Analytics: A quick overview of your channel’s watch time, views, and subscribers for your channel over the last 28 days. You can also see your current subscribers and top videos.
  • Recent subscribers: A list of your channel's recent subscribers. You can choose a timeframe and sort the list by subscriber count.
  • Known issues: Ongoing YouTube incidents impacting many channels or users.

Understand important notifications

The following types of notifications can currently appear in the Important notifications card on your Channel dashboard. We’re working to add additional types of notifications to this card in the future.

  • Monetization: Whether your channel is approved, no longer eligible for, or not approved for monetization.
  • Copyright: If you’ve received a copyright strike or a copyright claim.

The following types of notifications will not show in the Important notifications card. We’re working to add these types of notifications to the card in the future. Be sure to check your email for updates in these areas:

  • Notifications about your AdSense account
  • Advertiser friendliness manual review results
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