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Using the Creator Dashboard

The YouTube Creator Dashboard gives you a high-level overview of recent activity on your channel and what's new and interesting on YouTube, all in a single page.

To access the Creator Dashboard, simply navigate to the Video Manager and click on the Dashboard tab, or head directly to

At the top, you'll see your current subscriber count, your lifetime video views, and, in case you forgot, when you first joined Youtube.

Below are four sections:

  • Videos
  • Comments
  • Key stats from the last 30 days
  • What's new

The Videos section displays your four most recent uploads. Hover over the video title to bring up an Edit button. Click on it to go straight to the info and settings page where you can change your video's metadata, privacy settings and more. A View all button at the bottom of the uploads section takes you to your full uploads page.

The Comments section displays the most recent comments on your videos. From here you can give a comment a thumbs up or thumbs down, and reply directly to the comment by clicking Reply. Using the Reply button will take you to the video page for the comment and open up a comments box directly to use.

The Analytics section displays two high-level analytics for your channel: Video views in the last 30 days, and subscriber change in the last thirty days. Changes in these metrics are displayed using the line graph over time, to give you a quick and easy way to get a sense of your channel's performance. Clicking on either chart will take you to the Analytics page where you can see more metrics on your channel in detail.

Finally, the What's new section showcases recent news about product updates on YouTube. We'll be updating this section to keep you up-to-date on the new and valuable YouTube info.

Customizing the Dashboard

Your Dashboard can be customized to give you a personalized view of what's relevant and interesting to you. You can select which widgets appear on the page, and, in some cases, customize what shows up in each widget type.

To move or remove a widget, simply hover over the top area of the widget where the name of the widget appears. You'll see two icons appear on the right side of the title.

Your mouse cursor will turn to a grabber icon when moved over the grid of squares that indicate you can grab and move the widget. Hold down on your left mouse button, and you'll have control over the widget's placement. Drag the widget to where you'd like it on the page. Other widgets will move automatically to adjust to your new placement.

To the right of the draggable area, a gear icon or x button will appear. If there's an X, the widget can be removed from your dashboard by clicking this button.

To customize the content of a widget, click on the gear button to access the widget menu.

Only Comments and Videos widgets are customizable. The Comments widget can be set to display different numbers of comments. The Videos widget can be customized for quantity, title, and more.

  • Title: Set your widget title by typing your preferred title in the field at the top. In the above example, we've replaced "Videos" with "Public videos."
  • Number of items: Choose how many videos you want the widget to contain - it can display a maximum of 20 videos.
  • Video filters: To specify what content you want in this widget, make use of video filters. The default filters allow you to filter by privacy - select the custom filter and use the advanced search parameters to customize by video metadata like title, description, upload date, length, and more.

In this example, we've created a custom widget for videos with the word "webcam" in the title by selecting a custom filter and entering "title:webcam" into the custom filter field. We also set the number of videos shown to only be three.

Make use of the different options to customize and make your Dashboard unique and useful to your needs.

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