Accept an invitation to manage content

You've been invited to manage content for your organization on YouTube. After you accept the invitation, you'll be able to access and manage your organization's videos, subject to the permissions granted to you by the person who invited you.

You must accept the invitation before you can access your organization's content.

To accept the invitiation:

  1. Open the invitation email message, which has the title "Invitation to manage content for {your organization} on YouTube."

  2. Click the link in the body of the email message to visit the YouTube sign-in page.

  3. Sign in to YouTube with the Google account you want to use for managing your organization's content.

    The sign-in page offers your the option to use an existing Google account or create a new Google account.

    • Select Use existing Google account if you have an existing Google account that you use for work.
    • Select Create a new Google account if you don't have a Google account or want to create a separate account for managing your organization's content.

Your Google account is now linked to your organization's YouTube content owner.

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