Google+ deletion or suspension

Once you link a YouTube channel with a Google+ profile or page, your YouTube channel is tied to the data of that particular profile or page. This means that deleting a Google+ profile or page will have a direct impact on any YouTube channel connected to it.

My channel is connected to a Google+ profile. What happens if the profile is deleted or suspended?
  • Your channel will be disabled.
  • Your comments and messages will be permanently deleted.
  • The following will be made private:
    • Your channel name
    • Your videos
    • Your playlists
    • Your subscribers
    You can re-enable your channel. Your channel and subscribers will be restored, and you'll then have the option to make your videos and playlists viewable in the Video Manager. Note that subscribers may take up to a couple of days to restore.
Can I delete the Google+ page connected to my channel?
  • You can't delete a Google+ page that's connected to a channel. You first have to delete the channel.

If your Google+ profile is suspended, you also won't be able to create new YouTube channels on your Google Account until you address the suspension on Google+.

Remember: YouTube and Google+ are services that depend on the existence of your Google Account. If you delete your Google Account all products and services attached to that account, including YouTube, will be deleted as well.
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