Change your channel name or description

Learn how to update the name and description on your YouTube channel.

Change your channel name

Your YouTube channel name is the name on your Google Account. To change your channel name, you’ll need to change the name on your Google Account:

  1. Open your Google Account settings.
  2. Next to your name, select Edit .
  3. Enter your new name and select OK.

Keep in mind…

  • You can only change your channel name 3 times every 90 days.

  • If you change the name on your Google Account, it will change across all Google services, like Gmail. 

  • After changing your name, it may take a few days for the new name to update and display across YouTube.

  • If you’ve translated your channel name with channel translations, you’ll need to update the translations with your new name.

  • If your school or business manages your account, you may not be able to change your name in your Google Account settings. Get in touch with your system administrator for help.

Watch how to change your channel name

Watch the following video from the YouTube Creators channel if you’d like a tutorial on how to change your channel name.

How to change your channel name

Use a different name on YouTube than Google

To use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account, you can create a Brand Account and connect it to your channel. Learn how to create a Brand Account. Then, connect your YouTube channel to a Brand Account.

Change your channel description

Your channel description shows on the “About” tab of your channel page. 

  1. Sign in to your channel on YouTube.
  2. Select your profile picture and then Your channel.
  3. Click Customize channel.
  4. Open the About tab.
  5. Under “Description”:
    • If you’ve never added a channel description, select +Channel description.
    • If you already have a channel description, select Edit .
  6. Enter your new description and select Done.
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