Masthead Lite

This format is replaced with Universal Video Masthead
Masthead Lite - main

Assets Overview

Asset Required/Optional Dimension File Type Max File Size Max Frame Rate Max Animation Comments
YouTube Video URL Required Will render to 265x150 (16:9) YouTube Video URL N/A N/A N/A Video must be uploaded to YouTube
Custom video thumbnail Optional 265x150 JPG, static GIF 150Kb N/A N/A This asset will be used for a click to play unit only.
Banner Asset Required 495x150 JPG, static GIF, SWF 150Kb 24fps 30s Entire banner will click through to destination URL
Backup Image Required 760x150 JPG or static GIF 150Kb N/A N/A N/A

How the Masthead Lite Works

The Masthead Lite is a 760x150 pixel video ad unit and can only be run on the YouTube homepage. This unit includes a 265x150 pixel video and a 495x150 pixel banner asset, positioned to either the left or right of the video. It can function in either of two ways:

  • Autoplay - the unit will autoplay as the 265x150 video on load without sound. After a 30 second autoplay, the video stops and resolves to click to play video
  • Click to Play - the 265x150 pixel video only plays after user clicks play button (no autoplay). When a user clicks to play the video, it will be played with sound

For both ad types, if the video is paused, the user will have the option to click the video title or the video author and will be redirected to the YouTube watch page / channel page. In order to redirect to the channel page, the video must be set up as the featured video on that channel, and only one video may be featured on a channel at a time. This ad unit will have a close option on it so that users may close the unit.

Required Assets

  • Video: must be uploaded to YouTube per instructions below with a watch page URL provided
  • 495x150 banner asset clicks through to provided destination URL
  • 760x150 backup image for browsers that do not have flash support
  • Page requests will be via HTTPS (SSL) or HTTP. Any external asset or data request made from within the ad or creative must use the same protocol as the page or default to https (SSL). More information here.

Creative Submission and Turn-around Time

  • Assets received by YouTube no later than 4 (four) business days prior to campaign start date sent to your Account Manager and Media Manager

YouTube Video Ad

Masthead Lite - video

Technical Specifications:

The client must upload the video for the ad unit manually to YouTube and provide its watch page URL to the appropriate Account and Media Managers. The thumbnail for this video is configurable and a custom thumbnail can be provided for this ad.

Please reference our help pages on best practices for optimizing your video and uploading your video

If you would like your video to be hidden from the public, you can make it unlisted by following the instructions here.

Reporting Metrics

  • Ad Impressions
  • Click to Exit
  • Click to Play
  • Click to Play Quartiles : 0/25/50/75/100 percent video views on click to play video
  • Click to Replay
  • Click to Full Screen
  • Click to Channel / Watch

Third Party Tracking Capabilities

SSL capability is required! All impression tracking pixel URLs must begin with HTTPS:// More information here.
  • Ad Impressions (1x1 pixel URL)
  • Autoplay Quartiles : 0 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 percent video views on autoplay video (1x1 pixel URL for each)
  • Click to Play (1x1 pixel URL)
  • Brand Study (1x1 pixel URL)
  • Click to Exit (redirect URL)

Please note that ad impressions will be reported per ad unit. Companion banner is built into the unit and cannot be third party served or tracked. We will only accept third party redirect/tracking pixels from a certified ad serving vendor. Please refer to the full list of approved vendors.

Remarketing Event Capabilities

  • Ad Impressions (1x1 pixel URL)
  • Click to Play (1x1 pixel URL)
  • Click to Exit (redirect URL)

Additional Details and Recommendations

  • If autoplay is selected, the YouTube view count will only increment when a user clicks to play the video
  • Video play is user-initiated
  • Videos must not be modified after 3PM (PST) the day before the campaign launch date
  • The Video Control Buttons will be set to autohide, so that the user does not see them at all times
Masthead Lite - autohide

Video Companion Banner

Masthead Lite - companion

Technical Specifications:


Dimensions 495x150
Formats: JPG, static GIF, SWF
Flash Versions: Flash Player 10.3 or lower (AS2 or AS3)
Max Frame Rate: 24 fps
Max File Size: 150 Kb


Max Animation Time: 30 seconds
Audio: No sound
Destination URL: The entire banner will click through to a destination URL. Multiple click targets are not allowed.
Border: Must have a complete 1px black border
Mouseover Policy: No rollover animation/buttons are allowed. If included, rollover will not function

* Please note that the companion banner will be built into the unit and can be submitted in either a Flash or image format. Third party served units into this space are not acceptible.

Reporting Metrics

  • Please see video ad reporting metrics.

Third-Party Tracking Capabilities

  • Please see video ad reporting metrics.

Additional Details and Recommendations

  • We highly recommend including a strong, compelling call to action
  • Advertisers may use the approved YouTube social media exit button and/or use "YouTube" in text as per the YouTube Logo Usage in Ads policy.