Default ad settings

You can enable ad formats across all your newly-uploaded and monetised content automatically by using default ad settings. All newly uploaded videos have TrueView in-stream and overlay ads enabled; however, these default settings can easily be adjusted.

Access and update your default ad settings within YouTube

You can easily change your default  settings at any time from your channel's Upload Defaults page.

Access and update your default ad settings from CMS

If you have full access to the Content Management System you may adjust your default ad settings for both  your licensed and UGC content from the CMS “Monetisations Settings” page. For licensed content you can control default ad settings for all new uploads. For UGC content you can only enable the ad formats across all of your claimed content (both new and old).

Default ad formats FAQs

Which ads are enabled for my newly uploaded videos?
For almost everyone, TrueView in-stream and overlay ads are enabled by default. For those who have full access to the Content Management System, standard in-stream ads are enabled by default if over 75% of their existing videos already have standard in-stream ads enabled.

Do my default ad settings affect all my videos?
Default ad settings only affect newly uploaded content.

What ad formats can I set as defaults?
Overlay ads, TrueView in-stream ads and Standard in-stream ads. There is no longer an option to specify AFV and DoubleClick overlay ad formats individually you can only opt in and out of all overlay ads.

How does altering my ad defaults settings affect the revenue I earn on videos?
Different ad formats may yield different amounts of revenue and affect video viewership differently. We can't predict how changing your ad defaults settings might affect your audience and monetisation, but you can leverage YouTube Analytics to help track performance changes.

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