Find your way around YouTube

Signed in? How you navigate YouTube depends on if you are signed in. On a phone or tablet, you'll know you’re signed in by tapping Account . If you're on a computer, look at the top right of your YouTube screen. If you’re signed in, you’ll see your name or username, and if you’re not, you’ll see the prompt to Sign in. This article covers the signed in experience.


When you open YouTube in a mobile app or browser, you’ll land on   Home. Here you'll see recent uploads from your subscriptions and videos recommended for you. Video recommendations are influenced by your preferences and activity on YouTube.

You'll also see popular content and YouTube Mixes if you’ve already watched music videos. You can find the Home feed any time by tapping home


The Trending tab lets you discover what's trending on YouTube. It features a broad range of videos that are popular right now. You can scroll through all of the videos, or select a specific category (such as music, news, or gaming) to see videos exclusively on that subject.


In the Subscriptions tab you'll see videos from only the channels you're subscribed to. You'll also see a list of those channels up top. Tapping on the channel artwork will take you to that channel.

Activity Tab

Your notifications and shared videos live in the Activity tab. Learn more about sharing videos and managing notifications.


The Library tab is home to your watch history, uploads, purchases, and playlists.


Account  is home to your account information and settings. Also, from here you can switch between accounts. Do this by tapping the arrow next to your name.

Search Search

The other icon you’ll see is the search icon Search. Enter what you’re searching for and then filter the results by videos, channels, or playlists. Search results may be influenced by your preferences and activity on YouTube.

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