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Video Editor and Photo slideshows will be going away on September 20th, 2017. Here are some important things to know about this upcoming change:
  • Enhancements will continue to be available and accessible through Video Manager. You can still improve your uploaded videos in Video Manager using Enhancements to make edits such as trim, blur and filter.
  • If you’re currently using Video Editor or Photo slideshows, you have until September 20, 2017  to finish and publish your projects. After this date, your projects will no longer be accessible. Any videos published with the Video Editor or Photo slideshows before September 20, 2017, will not be affected.
  • You can download your own videos from YouTube in 720p, or use Google Takeout to retrieve your original files in case you want to use them in a new video.
  • To find Creative Commons material to use in your videos, filter your search results by Feature = Creative Commons. You can send a private message to the uploader if you find a video that is licensed as Creative Commons, to ask if they could share the original video file with you.

There are many free and paid third-party editing tools available if you’re looking for new editing software. Consider visiting one of our forums and community platforms to see what other creators are using. 


You can use Video Editor tools to put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one click. All of your uploads are added automatically to the Video Editor. You can access the Video Editor at

The Video Editor tool at isn't currently able to publish videos that are longer than one hour. You can still use the Enhancements or Audio tools to process longer videos.


Video Editor tools

Add clips

All of your uploads are added automatically to the Video Editor and can be used as a clip. Up to 50 clips and 500 images can be added to a project to create a new video.

  1. Find the clip or image you want to add in the upper left of the Video Editor. Click the camera icon to browse images.
  2. Use one of the ways to add the clip or image:
    • For existing projects, move your mouse over the clip or image you want to add, then click the + icon.
    • When you start a new project, drag the clip or image to the bottom of the timeline at the bottom of the editor (where it says Drag videos here).
Trim, lengthen, & cut clips

Once your clip is in the timeline, you can customize its length.

  • Trim: Cut the length of your clip by moving your cursor over the edges of your video in the timeline. Drag the handles toward the center of the video to shorten.
  • Lengthen: Drag the handles outward from the center of the video to lengthen. Lengthening past the original length of the video will result in the video repeating.
  • Cut/Snip: Clips can be cut into portions. Move your mouse over the video and click the scissors icon to bring up the snip marker. Move this to where you want to snip the clip, then click on the scissors button to snip the clip.
Customize & add effects

Here are some tweaks and enhancements you can make to clips. Move your mouse over a clip to bring up any of these options.

  • Rotate: Rotates your video 90 degrees.
  • Effects: Use Video Enhancements on your video to color correct, stabilize, and add filters and other effects.
  • Text: Apply a text overlay on the clip.
  • Slow Motion: Modify the speed at which the clip plays.
Add music & customize volume

Add music

You can add a new audio track to your video. By default, the audio from an added track will replace your clips’ original audio.

  1. Click the music note button in the upper left of the editor to bring up YouTube's library of pre-approved songs.
  2. Browse the tracks by searching or filtering by artist and genre.
  3. When you've found a song you like, drag it to the timeline. Multiple tracks can be added to a project by dragging the song into the timeline.

Note: Songs can't overlap — they can only come before or after each other.

Customize volume

You can set volume levels for each clip in your project. Hover over a clip in your timeline and find the volume slider. Adjust the slider to lower the volume on the clip or music track.

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