Manage your uploaded videos in Video Manager

Video Manager provides tools and features to help you organize and make changes to your videos and account. To get there, you need to select Video Manager from your Creator Studio menu on the left hand side.

Navigating Video Manager

Along the left side of the page, you'll notice a few different sections under Video Manager (if not, click on Video Manager to see them).

  • Videos: Contains all of your uploads, and lets you make changes to them. Use the search bar to search by title, tag, keyword, privacy status, or upload date.
  • Playlists: Find and edit your playlists
  • Search History: Lists terms you've recently searched for - clear your history here
  • Likes: A list of your liked videos. Save these videos to a playlist from this section.

Other sections will appear here depending on your account status. For example, Copyright Notices will appear if you have copyright strikes or Content ID matches on any of your videos.

Using Video Manager

In the Videos section, you'll find a list of all of your videos. Managing your videos can be done on a video-by-video basis or in bulk.

Make changes to a single video

From Creator Studio on your computer:

  1. Find the video you want to edit, by scrolling through the list or searching
  2. Click Edit below the video title
  3. Change your title, category, description, or another setting
  4. Return to Video Manager - status icons to the right of the video title reflect the changes

From the mobile YouTube Creator Studio App:

  1. Find the video you want to edit by scrolling through the list or searching
  2. Tap the video you’d like to review
  3. Tap Edit Video or the edit icon
  4. Change your title, description, tags, privacy setting, or another setting
  5. When finished tap Save and you’ll return to your list of videos

From the YouTube mobile app:

  1. Open Uploads from the guide
  2. Find the video you want to edit by scrolling through the list or searching
  3. Tap the menu for the video you’d like to edit
  4. Select Edit from the menu
  5. Make your changes and tap Save when finished

Change settings for multiple videos at once

Make use of the Actions button to update multiple videos at once. You can change settings, change metadata (description, tags, titles, category), and much more. Bulk actions are currently only available on desktop.

  1. Use the checkboxes on the left side of the page to select the videos you want to edit
  2. With multiple videos selected, click Actions at the top of the page
  3. Click More actions to access a list of settings
  4. Click the setting you want to change, and set up your changes. Text like description, tags, and title can be appended to, removed, or replaced ("Set to")
  5. Use Add actions to make multiple edits of different types
  6. Click Submit to confirm your changes


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