YouTube Content Manager - Known Issues

Below is a list of current known CMS & content ingestion related issues that we would like to inform our partners about. While our Engineering team works to address these issues, you may find some useful information on workarounds and estimated resolution date if available.

Asset Management

  • Asset search does not work properly with IE8 - OPEN
    • The "Search My Assets" and "Search All Assets" option on the Assets tab do not currently work with Internet Explorer 8. To work around this issue, you may use Firefox or Chrome as your browser.
      [Reference ID: 2314140]


  • 500 Internal Service Error when claiming a video - RESOLVED
    • When claiming a new video through either the YouTube or CMS interface, partners are receiving a 500 Internal Service Error. Our Engineering team is currently working on this and a fix will be pushed out soon.
      [Reference ID: 2314140]

Tools & Services

  • Bulk update to enable 'AFV Overlay' may not work for all your videos - OPEN
    • After the bulk update process is completed, your videos may remain disabled for 'AFV Overlay'. To workaround this issue, you will need to first make sure 'In-video Ads' setting for your videos is enabled (you can use the bulk update tool to flip this setting), followed by enabling the 'AFV Overlay' option. You can then return the 'In-video Ads' setting to the original state.
      [Reference ID: 2405409]

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